I grew up in Greensboro, N. C., and after college was a Legal Secretary for Attorneys and 3 Judges (at different times).  I moved to South Carolina and had a job waiting for me as Private Secretary to the Lt. Governor of S. C. (whose father was a United States Senator).

I was always in the School May Pole Dance as a child, did Square Dancing as a teen, and took some Ballroom Dance in my twenties.

After moving to Ga. I  started into dance in a big way, attending many national Seminars and weekend workshops in Nashville, Tn. at the Opreland Hotel, with National and International Instructors.  I teach Clog-Dance, Belly Dance for Fun and Exercise, Line Dancing, and have a performing dance team, and, of course, Ballroom Dance.  I love dancing, choreographing,and enjoy doing wedding dances for Bride/Groom, and father/daughter, wedding parties, and, of course, the Fayette Celebrity Dancers.

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