Frequently Asked Questions


What is Healing4Heroes™ all about?  Healing4Heroes™ serves the community in two ways; by helping veterans overcome the invisible wounds of war and helping abandoned / neglected dogs to become ADA compliant service dogs. These dogs allow our soldiers to move forward and live more productive lives and give them the confidence and security to start to heal. At the same time, our veterans give these dogs a purpose in life and the chance to be loved and part of a family. The bond that develops between veteran and dog is one of a kind and each is saving the other. The dogs and training are provided free of charge to each veteran and cost our organization about $7500. Each veteran is directly involved in the training of their service dog, cementing that bond and starting the path of healing for vet and pet. Your donations make this possible! Please be aware that we are a small organization, but are dedicated to assisting our national treasure, our veterans and service members and we will never turn anyone away based on financial constraints.

Do I qualify to receive a service dog from Healing4Heroes™?  If you are a disabled veteran or active duty military member who suffers from physical disabilities or PTSD, TBI, or other cognitive issues (or a combination of these disabilities), and are capable of taking care of a dog, please fill out the veteran application found under the Veteran tab on this website and submit to Healing4Heroes™. Our organization will do everything we can to assist you in obtaining a service dog through our program.

How can a service dog assist me?  Each veteran and his/her need is different. Service dogs are able to assist with anxiety, depression, anger, reminding to take medication, posting, sweeping an area, waking from nightmares, balance, mobility, and many other needs. The dogs are trained to perform tasks for their handler, and also to alert to medical issues, panic, anxiety or any other type of alert the veteran requires. Your specific needs can be addressed at training and should be brought to our attention when completing your initial application.

I submitted my application. What happens next?  We will be in contact within two weeks of receipt of your application. If you have not heard back from us, please send an email to  to check the status of your submission. We will try to respond in a timely manner as our veterans are our priority.

What is the cost to me?  Healing4Heroes™ survives solely on donations and grants. In order for us to provde these services to the veteran at no charge, we fundraise extensively and rely on the generosity of our supporters in the community. At times, funding fluctuates and we ask for your patience and understanding. Know that we will do everything we can to make a difference in the lives of those individuals who have sacrificed so much to make a difference in ours.

What is required of me?  A paperwork packet will be emailed to you once your completed application is recevied.  In addition to completing the paperwork required, you must provide a letter from a physician stating you would benefit from a service dog.  Approximately one year should be committed to the Healing4Heroes™ program. This period of time is dedicated to training your service dog, as well as self-reported testing. 

What is my involvement in the program?  Healing4Heroes™ is a “train the handler” program. Participation in our program requires a daily routine from you and your service companion. Training begins with Healing4Heroes™, but continues once you return home. It is crucial for the handler (the veteran) to work with their service companion daily to reinforce training exercises, to achieve expected goals and stay in compliance with service dog requirements. 

How long does the program last and what occurs during that time?  The program can last up to a year. During the course of the year, two phases of training occur with the trainer. Phase One consists of Basic Obedience and Introduction to service tasks. The veteran continues the training at home with his/her service companion until the dog is able to adequeately complete in Phase Two, four to eight months later.  We hold our dogs and handlers to very high standards, insuring confidence in the dog's ability to serve the handlers needs and complete required tasks.

Can my dog be trained as a service dog?  Healing4Hereos™ has several requirements for training. The dog must be between one and three years of age to enter the program, be neutered or spayed, up to date on all vaccines, in good health, and physically and mentally stable enough to perofrm tasks as required.  Our trainer will also complete an evaluation of the dog and determine if the temperament is suited to service dog work and training.  Please remember, that your pet may be a great dog, not all dogs are able to withstand the intense rigors of service dog work.

Where does Healing4Heroes™ find their dogs? Almost all of the dogs we supply to our veterans are rescue animals. 

Is Healing4Heroes™ in my area? Healing4Heroes™ became a national organization in 2011. While our headquarters is based south of Atlanta, GA, we also have a satellite office in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Our employees and volunteers travel nationwide, so please email us to see if and when we might be in your area.  We also provide training at our location South of Atlanta, GA several times a year and can assist with temporarty lodging while attending training if you are selected.

How can I volunteer for Healing4Heroes™? How do I become a trainer from Healing4Heroes™?  As a non-profit organization, Healing4Heroes™ is always in need of dedicated volunteers willing to assist our mission. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming part of the Healing4Heroes™ team. A volunteer application can be found on this website under the volunteer page.  Please complete and submit the application for processing.